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Really Free Electricity with Solar Panels.

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Really Free Electricity with Solar Panels
Solar Panels is a Reality

Every day Solar Energy has more acceptance. This is due to its effectiveness and best of all that it can be obtained for free.

Solar panels with the best technology.

Texas has been a pioneer in the generation of energy, but to obtain this energy it resorts to non-renewable resources: Oil, coal, natural gas, groundwater, and aquifers. We believe that it is time to take advantage of the resources that nature offers us. I invite you to know the system of Solar Panels.

High technology is coming to Texas with the best photo-voltaic (PV) systems. With them, we will obtain very superior guarantees in equipment and installations. Thus the inhabitants of Texas will be able to have free electricity by acquiring Solar Panels.

Texas is a leader in the generation of energy and produces more than what this state needs.

California also concerned about the environment is turning to Solar Panels and already has an installed capacity of more than 22,777 megawatts of pure solar energy.

Solar Panels in Texas have competitive costs

Texas can be ranked at site 12 in the cost per kW system compared to the rest of the country. The average cost per Solar Panels system in Texas per kW is $ 4.91, still very low while in South Carolina it is $ 9.27 per kW system.

Let's not just talk about the cost. Acquiring Solar Panels will provide us with efficiency, durability, and an excellent way to generate energy that takes care of the environment. There are Panels with a 30-year guarantee, on the investor's side, the guarantees are approximately 25 years.

Solar Express - Electricity Express becomes solar.

Electricity Express always ready to offer its customers the best product in electricity invites you to know the incredible system of Solar Panels and thus get energy for free.

We want to be number ONE in Texas in the installation of Solar Panels,

Our Solar Panels offer 30-year guarantees on all components.

More durability, solar modules with the least degradation.

You will have the best tools so you can monitor your power generation and your return.

Trust Electricity Express because you have enough experience in all systems to generate power and of course now in Solar Panels.

Take control of your electricity. Free Electricity with Solar Panels.

Image of hand with power cables
Control your power

Follow my Power Blog and find useful tips so you can save several hundred dollars that will be reflected in your bill.

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