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Prepaid Electricity Helps You Save

Prepaid Electricity Helps You Save

Prepaid Electricity Helps You Save
Know your electricity usage and save

As you may know, we have been selling electricity for about 13 years. Since we started, we have been helping Texas residents without credit, social security number or ID to get their electricity service. The only way to get electricity without credit and not paying a deposit is with prepaid electricity. Soon we realized that Prepaid Electricity Helps You Save.

The uncertainty of prepaid electricity.

For many customers, the prepaid electricity service is not the best option since they are used to a monthly statement. Prepaid electricity will not send a monthly statement; however, the prepaid energy service billing method helps you save energy. You will learn how to use your electronics and appliances. You will have more control of your energy usage thus pay less for your electricity service.

Nowadays we live in the digital era… Yes, prepaid electricity will not send a monthly statement, the billing method is like no other. Text or email is sent every day with your usage in kilowatts, how much was it, your balance, and an estimated time to finish the balance.

Know your energy usage and learn how to save electricity

As mentioned above, knowing how much energy you use per day will tell you what you are doing to spend that much electricity at home. With that information, you can start modifying your daily chores and see what the best way is to save. The prepaid electricity customers received a text with the previous day's energy usage, let’s say it was 10 kWh. By the next day, this customer will try to lower the energy usage. He/she will see what was done to have that kind of usage, and the next time the customer will try to save.

There is a big difference in doing the laundry at night, the energy usage could be a 30% difference. The only way to really see this is with prepaid electricity service. The reason for this is because you can see the different amounts of kWh used between the day doing laundry during the day and the difference when laundry was done at night.

On the other hand, with traditional electricity service, you will not know the difference between those 2 days. The customer will only receive the monthly statement and will not know if one day is saved or not.

Also, when we have a problem with an appliance, let’s say the A/C is not working properly. With prepaid electricity, you can notice a spike in your energy usage from one day to the next. With postpaid electricity, it will take one month to see the spike in energy usage.

Use prepaid electricity and learn how to save energy and pay less on your electricity bill.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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