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Prepaid Electricity Fort Worth Texas

There are more than 100 electricity companies that can provide electricity service in Fort Worth. If you live in a deregulated area in Fort Worth, you can choose your energy provider. Now, not all energy companies are the same.

Prepaid Electricity Fort Worth Texas
Electricity service that helps you save

Prepaid Electricity Companies Vs. Postpaid Energy Companies

Postpaid Electricity Service

There are electricity companies that send a monthly bill. These energy companies will ask for a credit check. With that said, they will require your social security number or ITIN to run your credit and see if you will be a good customer and pay your energy bills. If you have at least 650 points on your credit, you will not need to pay a deposit to start your electricity service.

Now, if you don’t want to give up your personal information or your credit is less than perfect, you’ll need to pay a deposit. Those deposits can range from $200 to $500.

Prepaid Electricity Service

On the other hand, we have a prepaid electricity service. As the type of service says “prepaid”, you have the advantage of skipping the credit check and buying the electricity you will use from the moment you start the energy service.

Prepaid Electricity is Like Pumping Gas into Your Car

Compared to going to the gas station to fill up your car with gas, prepaid electricity in Fort Worth Texas works very similarly. You can add as many kilowatts as you want. This is the energy that you will use. You notice your car needs gas because you have your gauge, and it will tell you that is low. In a like manner, prepaid electricity will send you a text or email telling you how many kilowatts or money you have left in the account.

Gas stations don’t do a credit check every time you go and fill up your gas tank, why does your home electricity have to be different? Gasoline and electricity come from similar resources. At the end of the day, both are just energy.

More Advantages of Prepaid Electricity in Fort Worth Texas

So, we talked about prepaid energy that will not ask for credit and a deposit. Let me add a few more features.

Daily text or email notifications with your energy usage

This is a great tool if you really want to save energy at home. This will force you to be careful how your electricity is used or wasted.

Same-day electricity connection

As mentioned, several times above, since we do not need to wait for the credit check, the connection will be sent immediately. It usually takes about 1 or 2 hours to complete the request and the power will be on or restored.

Paperless billing

No waste of paper here. All it’s done electronically via email or SMS text messaging. You can feel good that you are taking care of the environment.

No contracts to be hooked with

Prepaid electricity with Payless Power does not require to have a contract. In the case that you dislike the product, you can cancel and that is it.

To conclude. Prepaid electricity is the easiest and fastest way to have electricity service in Fort Worth Texas. Give us a call and see what we are all about.

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And if you are ready for the change, follow this link to enter your enrollment yourself. Or you can call the number at the top of this page.

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