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Moving to a New House New Energy Company

Moving to a New House New Energy Company
Don't forget to call the electricity company

We are in a season that is not so hot anymore and many of us take advantage of this moment to make changes. One of the most drastic changes is moving to a new house. If it is easier to change homes when the temperature is not so extreme. When we move to a new house, we need a new electricity company. As we say, "new house, new life", it is advisable to start a new electricity service when moving to a new residence.

In this blog, I am going to tell you what really happens with electricity companies when we change our address.

Before a New Energy Company Cancel Existing Electric Company

Some electricity company representatives do not know all the rules for canceling an electricity contract. Not knowing the rules then they will tell you that if you want to cancel electricity service you will have to pay a cancellation fee. This is a mistake. No one is subject to a cancellation fee in the event that the customer moves to a new address. Now, if you really like your electricity company, then you can request a change of address. With this in mind, make sure the plan is right for your new home.

What affects our electricity consumption?

Many times, we move to a new home that is not like where we used to live. What I mean is that we normally move to a larger or smaller residence. Not only this will affect our electricity consumption. The orientation of the house, how much shade the trees give, the weather, etc. I mention the climate because, if the change is very drastic, let's say you lived in Texas and you are moving to Chicago, the climate is completely different. This should be considered as the new electricity plan you are going to start will be affected.

New residential electricity plan when moving to a new house

So, when we move to a new house and ask for a new electricity plan, we will have to see if the electricity consumption will be similar to what we had before which we were comfortable with. If the change is very strong, let's say that if you used to live in an apartment and now you live in a 4-bedroom house, then the plan you had before is not going to help you save electricity in the new house.

How to understand electricity rates

I would like to explain what the EFL (Electric Facts Label) is. The EFL is the explanation of each plan that the electricity company is offering you. This is an official and public document; it can be found online and is usually on the website of the company that is selling you electricity. Also, when the electricity service is connected, the electricity company has to send you this document via email and regular mail. With the EFL you can see the variation of the rate depending on the energy consumption. See how much energy you can consume in a month, see which plan is closest to that electricity consumption and see that the rate variation is as small as possible.

In conclusion. The truth is that many do not, but if we look at the details and understand the electricity rates, then we can make a better decision. Change of House New Energy Company.

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