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Low Electricity Bills for the Holidays

Now that we are getting closer to the holidays, our electricity bill may go to the roof. A lot of cooking, gathering, Christmas lights, etc. will make us consume more energy at home. Also, the weather is changing dramatically, and we are using the furnace earlier than expected. I will give you a few ideas on how to keep low electricity bills for the holidays.

Low Electricity Bills for the Holidays
Ideas to save energy at home

Save Electricity in the Kitchen

Save Water

Be conscious about the water you are using for cooking and washing the dishes. Open the hot water only when you really need hot water. There are many times that we don’t need hot water, however, we just open the faucet and it’s the hot water. While waiting for hot water, use the unused running water for something else. You can use that running water for watering plants, boiling water, for pets, etc. Use the washing machines with full loads and after 9 PM. Low Electricity Bills for the Holidays.

Oven and Cooktop

When using the cooktop and oven, try to use the heat for other stuff you may need to warm up. As an example, electric cooktops stay warm for a long time after you turn them off. You can use that heat for other things.

Kitchen Lights

When entering your kitchen, use the lights that you really need. Some of us go into the kitchen and turn on all the lights when we just need the isle light.

Saving water goes for the many other things around the house. Shorter showers, laundry time, etc.

Save Electricity with Timers

Timers will help you to control your energy usage. Low Electricity Bills for the Holidays

Many times, we forget how much energy we are using during the holiday season. We can add 50-100% to energy usage during the holidays.

Help yourself to control your electricity usage with timers. Personally, I like this timer that has the “dusk-dawn” mode. This will make your Christmas lights turn on when the days get dark and will turn off when the sun comes out. If you think that it’s too much, you can set the timer just for a few hours.

LED Lights

Change all your Christmas lights to LED lights. You can save up to 80% on your Christmas lights usage when changing to LED lights. Not only for Christmas lights, but you can also do this for the whole house.

Save Energy with the Weather

Doors and Windows

Keeps doors and windows closed to keep the cold air out. However, try to open drapes, curtains, and blinds to use natural light and the heat from the sun.

See your energy-saving efforts with prepaid electricity. Prepaid electricity sends you energy consumption every day. This is the only way to measure your energy-saving efforts.

The best-prepaid electricity company in Texas is Payless Power. Enroll yourself through this link.

Low Electricity Bills for the Holidays and more energy-saving ideas in our blog.

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