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How To Pay Less Electricity In The Winter

How To Pay Less Electricity In The Winter

How to pay less electricity in the winter
It's time to save electricity

The low temperatures are already hitting and with that the higher light bills. Even though your home uses natural gas, energy use in winter is much higher than in previous months. We want to help you keep your electricity cost as low as possible. There are many things we can do to save energy. This is the time we spend the most, both energy and gifts and so on.

How to know if I am using more or less electricity?

One of the ways that we can identify when we are using more electricity is by having a prepaid electricity service. This is the only way to know if one day you use more electricity than another.

Advantages of prepaid electricity

In contrast to traditional residential electricity service, which sends you a statement per month of what you used in the previous 30 days. Prepaid electricity service will tell you how much electricity is being used each day. You will receive a text message or an email telling you how many kilowatts were consumed the day before. In this way, you will be able to know what you are doing at home to consume a certain amount of energy. Also, you can modify the tasks at home to do what is possible and consume less electricity.

How To Pay Less Electricity In The Winter

In addition to having a prepaid electricity service, these are my recommendations:

  • Change the air filter

  • Save water, especially hot water

  • Do your laundry at night, after 9 pm

  • Do not change the temperature of your heating system

  • Use natural light, open curtains, and blinds

  • Keep doors and windows closed

In short, changing the air filter will help your heating system work more efficiently and keep your home cleaner. Using hot water uses energy. At night the temperatures are lower, when washing and drying your clothes, heat is generated and this heat helps to have a little higher temperatures in the house. If sudden changes are made in the thermostat of your heating system, it may be that the heating unit works without stopping for a long time. Let the rays of the sun help you heat your house and not need to turn on the lights if we have the curtains open during the day. Keep cold temperatures outside your home by keeping your doors and windows closed.

These are some recommendations on how to pay for less electricity in the winter

There is much to learn about how to use our appliances more efficiently. As I mentioned, prepaid electricity helps you know the daily electricity consumption in your home. With prepaid electricity, you can see your electricity savings at home.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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