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Home Electricity - How efficient LED lights are

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Image of a comparison different light bulbs
Home Electricity - How efficient LED lights are

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How efficient LED lights are?

Although these LED bulbs are much more expensive than incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs help us a lot to save electricity at home.

An incandescent bulb costs around $ 1. The LEDs cost about $ 2.50 each. That's right, more than double, but I will write a comparison and see how they really make a difference.

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Comparison Home Electricity - How efficient LED lights are

If we put 10 60-watt incandescent bulbs to work for two hours, we will be spending 1200 watts. If for the same two hours we use CFL bulbs (the crooked ones) then we will spend around 260 watts. If we use LED light bulbs we will be consuming 240 watts of electricity at home for the same two hours.

Cost-benefit and efficiency of LED bulbs compared to incandescent and CFL

Image of comparison LED lights
Light bulbs efficiency and cost benefit compare

In the previous example, the consumption of electricity at the home of 60 watts for 10 incandescent bulbs costs us about $ 1.5 a day, the cost of energy at the home of the CFL bulbs would be $ 0.31 per day and the cost of electricity at home for the use of these 10 LED bulbs would be $ 0.28 per day.

The investment for about 60 LED light bulbs is approximately $ 150. Yes, the investment to change all the light bulbs of the house is substantial too, but, this is where the difference is seen.

What kind of light bulbs last longer?

Incandescent bulbs last approximately 1,200 hours, CFLs last 8,000 hours, and LEDs last more than 25,000 hours. Home Electricity - How efficient LED lights are

When we make this calculation to the maximum lifespan of the LED light bulbs, which is around 20 years, we have left that the total cost of electricity with LED bulbs would be around $ 34 while the cost of the incandescent bulbs would be $ 211.

There is no doubt that technology helps us a lot in improving our way of life and in making the planet healthier. Let's help everyone and spend less electricity at home.

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