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Energy Saving Tips for this Holiday 1

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

As the celebrating season approaches, we want to be careful and stay on budget by not overusing our home electricity.

Energy Saving Tips for this Holiday 1
Save energy this holiday season

One of the first things we do as the winter approaches are getting our homes ready for the holidays. With that said, our Christmas lights are inevitable this season. However, we would like to keep our electricity bill as low as possible.

In future blogs, I will address other things we do in this season

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  • Energy Saving Tips for this Holiday 3: Cooking

  • Energy Saving Tips for this Holiday 4: Out of town, water heater, prepare for freeze

  • Energy Saving Tips for this Holiday 5: Air leaks

Going back to our subject. I understand that we would like to show our Christmas spirit. Mostly, we do it with the Christmas lights we set around the house, inflatables, which are becoming more popular, etc.

How to manage my energy savings for this holiday with the Christmas lights

If you are getting new min lights, get the LED type. Theses type of lights uses less heat, meaning less energy and are safer.

Dimer your lights. If you like to keep the lights on all night, they don’t really need to stay at the highest luminosity.

Use timers or dusk to dawn lights. These timers can turn on or off the lights when the sun sets or comes out.

Inflatables drag a lot of power. Indeed, these decoration items are getting very popular. However, they drag a lot of power, not only the motor that injects air into it, but some of them also come with lights. Check the amperage and see if they can be connected to the series of lights that are connected to the timer I mentioned above.

Personally, I save as much electricity as I can throughout the year, however, I like my family to enjoy this holiday season and with kids and all that, the Christmas light make a big difference in our holiday spirit. With that said, what has worked best for me are the wireless remote-controlled switchers. These little gadgets are very simple to install and with a push of a button I can turn on or off the whole Christmas electrical circuit or I can do it by sections.

Wireless switchers
Wireless switchers

Also, there are these amazing smart switchers. You can control your whole house lights with a cellphone app.

Saving Tips for this Holiday 1 is just the beginning of keeping a few bucks in your pocket this holiday season. Ultimately, we all need some extra cash in the coming months. The holiday season is something we prepare for months, let's prepare ourselves for the future.

Lastly, a great way to measure your energy savings is by going prepaid with PAYLESS POWER. The reason for this is because they will send you a daily text or email notification of your energy usage. Consequently, you can see if your energy-saving efforts are working or not. Follow our blog


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