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Electricity Savings for This Fall Season

Electricity Savings for This Fall Season

Electricity Savings for This Fall Season
Pay less electricity this Fall...

This is the time of the year when we can maximize our energy savings. Have some extra cash for the holiday season that is approaching fast. This time we will tackle Electricity Saving for This Fall Season. A reminder of ideas of what to do when the summer is gone, how we can work with our appliances to consume less energy and pay less on our electricity bill.

Electricity we can save when the weather change

Now that the summer is gone, temperatures, leaves, and rain start falling. At the same time, our energy consumption. Yes, your electricity bill will get cheaper, however, I think we can save more electricity with a few changes than just because the temperatures are going down.

Appliances that consume most of our electricity are the A/C, washer and dryer, water heater, lighting…

What about if we give them a hand and help them to consume less energy. Everyone in the house can help to pay less electricity. Why don’t we make it a challenge, you could have fun with your family challenging them to use less electricity every day. You can notice your daily efforts with prepaid electricity with Payless Power.

The A/C.

I know I have recommended that we need to leave the A/C thermostat in AUTO. After this long summer, let’s give the A/C a break. We are having a few days in the year that we can live without A/C. Turn of the A/C, the high temperatures are not too high, and the low temperatures are not too low. Make you’re A/C feel happy and clean with a new air filter. If possible, call a technician to do regular maintenance. Wash the compressor’s coils. These are simple things we can do ourselves and will keep you’re A/C in good condition.

Washer and dryer.

Since summer is gone, we may not change clothes as we do in the summertime. Remember to try to use cold water unless is necessary (for washing withes). Use full loads. And most importantly, do all your laundry at night.

Save hot water.

Saving water, especially hot water will lower your energy consumption and pay less on your electricity bill. The water heater is the 2nd – 3rd appliance that consumes more energy in the house. Take shorter showers, try to avoid using the dishwasher, do your dishwashing by hand and try to avoid the use of hot water.

Indoor lights.

Try to change your house lights to LEDs. Keep your blinds or drapes open for natural light to come in.

I hope these energy-saving ideas help you save electricity and keep some money in your pocket for the upcoming holidays.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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