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Cheaper Electricity Saving Water

Ahorre dinero con duchas mas cortas, esta regadera LED y con contador de tiempo le ayuda a mantener duchas mas cortas
Regadera LED con contador de tiempo

I found this very interesting way to #saveenergy.

Cheap electricity saving water.

Keep saving Water, Save Energy and create cheaper bills.

Not only am I an energy trader, but I also like to save money and take care of the environment. I'm always looking for ways to do everything at the same time, this post - Save Water, Save Energy and Save Money - is part of that.

The way we use water in the house affects its energy consumption. That's right, now with water mixer taps we stop paying attention if the water we need is cold or warm, we simply turn the lever to get the water, this will bring a mixture of water (hot and cold). Cheap electricity saving water.

As we save water, we can lower our electricity bill and help saving the planer to.

Remember that warm water comes from the water heater. With traditional water heaters, when the water heater requires water, it takes cold water from outside and these water heaters keep the water at a certain temperature. This means that the water heater is constantly using electricity.

Tip # 1: We don't need the water heater on hot, keep it warm. Tip # 1.1: If you are going on vacation, you can turn off the water heater thermostat or set it to the lowest temperature. Cheap electricity saving water.

Yes, we like warm showers, I get it, who doesn't? Many times, we lose track of time and stay in the shower longer than we should. Let's make a little effort and you will see a difference in your energy bill.

Cheap electricity saving water.

Remember that water is not a renewable resource which we need to live.

Save Water, Save Energy and Save Money.

Shower with LEDs and timer. It works great, is easy to install, and isn't as expensive as I thought, less than $20 on Amazon. It's very simple, this shower head changes the LED light in different colors so you will realize that time has passed, and it is time to get out of the shower.

I personally do a couple of things to Save Water Save Energy and Save Money. Tip # 2: I play some music while I shower, by the end of the 2nd song I need to finish my shower. Cheap electricity saving water.

Tip # 3: I turn off the water while I soap up, this will also make the shower shorter.

So, remember tips 1, 2 and 3. I hope you enjoy reading while saving energy and more than a few dollars.

Saving water and cheaper bills are great goals to keep in mind for a better home atmosphere.

As we lower our energy bills, we also save water.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

No Deposit Electricity


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