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Save Electricity While on Vacation

Save Electricity While on Vacation

Resting and saving
Pay less electricity when in roam

Many of us take advantage of the December season to go on vacation. If we only leave our home for a few days, we would like to save as much as possible. For this, we could do several things so that the house, which will be alone, does not use a lot of energy. In the same way, when we return, we do not have a very high energy bill. Save electricity while on vacation with these tips to save energy and pay less for electricity in your home.

Cheaper electricity on holidays

Before going on vacation, it is advisable to see which electrical appliances can be disconnected and which ones should be left connected. Even so, the appliances that must be kept connected, we can make them work less so that they use less energy and thus be able to save electricity while on vacation.

Before going on to see how to save more energy this holiday, let's see what can be harmed or damaged if it is disconnected or is not in operation for several days.

Animals and plants. Most of all, the animals should be cared for by us two to three times a day. Few pets are completely self-sufficient. Either they are left in charge with a family member or neighbor, or you can request a visiting service. Plants require less attention, but even so, if left for many days without love, they will die. You can ask a neighbor or family member to come and water your plants once or twice a week.

Pay less electricity on vacation by unplugging these appliances

Moving on, stove, microwave oven, and all those cooking appliances that we only use occasionally. These are like the coffee maker, toaster, blender, etc. Many of these electronics have a clock and although the light they use is little, they still use energy.

All cell phone chargers, tablets, video games, TV, hairdryer, electric toothbrushes, etc. Many of these electronics have a chip that keeps electronics in a "standby" mode and continues to use electricity. Turning them off is not enough, try to leave everything disconnected from the wall outlet. All the lights of passage or "night lights", it is not necessary to have these lights connected if there is no one in the house.

Now we look at the appliances that must be kept connected and still save electricity.

The refrigerator and freezer, I think it is not necessary to mention why.

The water heater, this equipment should not be completely disconnected. What you can do is a change to the "vacation" mode. This will lower the temperature, but it will not use as much electricity as it does when we have it at the temperature we like. This also prevents the water heater pipes from freezing in the event of frost. It will also help that it does not take long to return to normal temperature since you returned from vacation.

The air conditioning. If you have plants and pets, do not lower the temperature below 65˚F, or in the summer above 80˚F. If you can leave your plants and pets with a family member or neighbor, you can turn off the air conditioning or heating system completely. See the weather forecast, in case a frost is coming, don't turn it off, leave it at 55˚F. The most advisable thing is that you have a thermostat that you can manage online from your phone.

Save electricity while on vacation, but don't unplug this ...

With the aforementioned, the equipment that I never recommend disconnecting is the internet and the network (router). These are the times when it is not easy to live disconnected from the internet. Our lives depend on the internet. With that said, we have many things connected to the internet, from our refrigerator, heating, and air conditioning, etc. If we disconnect the internet, we will cut off communication with some appliances that might need attention. And more importantly, many of us have security systems connected to the internet. Although the alarms have their cell phone card integrated and send the signal to the police without the need for internet or batteries. Even so, all the cameras are connected to the internet.

I hope it helps you save electricity while on vacation and can return with a few more pennies in your pocket.

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