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With Prepaid Electricity See Your Energy Savings Every Day

That’s right! The only way to see your energy saving efforts is with prepaid electricity. One of the main advantages of traditional electricity services is that, with prepaid electricity, you can see your energy usage every day.

At the beginning it may be somehow annoying, however, this will make you conscious about how you use, waste or save your energy.

A lot of customers go for a low kilowatt rate, but a low kilowatt rate does not always represent a low monthly bill. What makes a low monthly bill is a way we use less electricity.

When you see your daily energy consumption (only with prepaid electricity from Payless Power) you will learn how to make better use of your washer and dryer, your air conditioner or furnace, detect air leaks through doors and windows, etc.

It’s a daily effort, however, not too long after, you will get used to it.

Text notifications With Prepaid Electricity See Your Energy Savings Every Day.

Image of a smart watch
Get notifications of energy usage, and account balances

Every day you will receive a text notification showing your usage, how much that represents in a dollar amount, and how much is your balance.

When you modify a regular task in your home chores, let’s say, the time you wash and dry your clothes. Big difference if you do this after 9 PM than at 5 PM. Simple, the washer and dryer generate heat, 5 PM is the hottest time of the day, if you do this you will generate more heat and the air conditioner will work more and waste more energy.

Make large payments.

Image of a call center lady
Making payments is very easy

A lot of folks make small payments towards their prepaid electricity. Larger payments trigger discounts, some energy companies give up to 2 cents per kWh when the balance is above $35. Take this advantage. I know that for some this might be a little complicated, however, in the long run, you can save more than $25 per month with this little trick.

Check Payless Power, they are my preferred prepaid electricity company. With Prepaid Electricity See Your Energy Savings Every Day

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