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The Worst Electricity Companies

The Worst Electricity Companies

The reality of things, as we see so much advertising, the worst of the electricity companies is hidden.

I am not a negative person, but I came across this page and I realized who The Worst Electricity Companies are.

PUC is the entity that is part of the regulation of electricity in Texas. By its acronyms, Public Utility Commission. It is responsible for seeing that the relationship between electricity company and users, that is, all of us who use electricity, caring that the relationship is as stable as possible.

The List - The Worst Electricity Companies

The black list

In the same way, PUC is the one who will listen to us if we have a complaint with the electricity company. Now, this complaint must be well grounded and with real evidence.

We cannot just call and say ... "ah, my home electricity is very expensive ...".

Type of complaints to the PUC - The Worst Electricity Companies

• When you change power company without your permission.

• When they change the contract if their consent.

• When finding extra unrecognized charges.

• Maltreatment of the customer service department.

• Do not proceed with customer requirements. Discounts, no service interruption, etc.

As mentioned above, these complaints to the PUC must be substantiated and the correct forms must be filled out. Follow this link to get to those forms of the PUC.


Many times, we want to put someone in evidence to damage anyone’s reputation. That is not the intention of this blog. What I really want is that you know who in the world of home electricity is.

Most of the home electricity companies, especially the largest ones, have an unlimited budget to advertise and cover those little bad details.

Of course, being bigger menas, more customers, in the same way, more customers have to complain. Even so, the most penalized complaint by PUC is when a client is changed from an electricity company without their consent. SLAMMING

By definition, SLAMMING; is an Anglo-Saxon term that is used to describe the change of telecommunications company, and more currently of services without the authorization of the client, using fraudulent techniques.

Electricity companies may suffer penalties of up to $ 15,000 for each Slamming that proceeds with FCC and PUC. As I said before, it is not easy to continue with a complaint about these, but it is possible.

To conclude, I want to tell you that you are fully entitled to complain but do it right so that you can proceed and your complaint is heard.

One of the residential electricity companies that I recommend most is Pyless Power, although it is not very large, but if they have excellent customer service, of course you have a complaint or two out there, but who does not complain.

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Give us your comments, we can give more follow up to some topic that interests you about residential electricity in Texas.

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