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The Best Prepaid Energy in Texas

The Best Prepaid Energy in Texas
Compare the correct energy services

When we say The Best Prepaid Energy in Texas, we are making a comparison. In order to make an adequate comparison we must compare similar products. But how to know what products or services of electricity for home to compare?

First, you must know the difference between prepaid energy and traditional electricity.

  • Residential electricity with a contract (the traditional way)

Traditional electricity is the one that sends you a monthly statement. You will pay once a month the cumulative use of energy in 30 days (kW) and multiply it by the rate that you agreed with the electricity company.

Let's say that you have a month-to-month plan at 11 cents per kWh and consumed 1000 kW, then you will pay about $ 112 per month (including taxes.) Now, for many this type of plan is more comfortable, but had to go through a check-up credit or pay a deposit.

  • Prepaid Electricity

The prepaid electricity will not ask for credit or deposit to start your residential electricity service. The customer is paying for electricity before using it, it is like buying oranges in the market and consuming them, when they run out, you go and buy more oranges.

In the matter of the rate per kWh, the prepaid energy is already very close to the traditional residential electricity service. The competition is such that the prepaid electricity companies lowered their rates and the difference per kWh could be 1 to 2 cents. This difference is very little.

The biggest advantage of the prepaid electricity I can say is that I can see, day by day, what I am consuming. This will make me take more care of the energy and spend less electricity.

Now, to return to the subject of comparison of electricity services, let's compare the prepaid residential electricity plans.

Some offer free nights or weekends. See how much the kWh rate is charged when it is not free. Let me mention that the time of day when we use more energy is between 5 PM and 9 PM. From 9 AM to 5 PM, we are not at home, we are usually working, and the children are at school. From 10 PM we are about to rest.

This means that they give us the free energy when we do not use it

I recommend that you get a prepaid electricity plan where it is the same rate all day, this way we can better control the energy consumption in the home and calculate better the electricity cost.

Control of electricity consumption.

We want to know what we do to save electricity and keep doing it as much as we can. Not all prepaid residential electricity companies are the same. Payless Power helps you see your energy consumption every day. With this, you can realize what you are doing to save more and more electricity and pay less.

It is not difficult to manage prepaid residential electricity. Follow our BLOG

Call us and we will help you.


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