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Summer Electricity Rates

Melted world
Our planet is hot, lets coll it down using less electricity

Summer is consuming us, it has been very hot this summer of 2019. With so much heat, we ask our air conditioning unit to work more times and lower temperatures.

12.5* cents

  • without checking credit,

  • no deposit

  • No hooks

  • No contracts

  • No social security

  • EVERYONE qualifies

The air conditioning unit is the number one responsible for our energy consumption. If we want to pay less electricity we have to do 2 things.

A) Maintain an electricity company

  • That electricity company keeps you aware of electricity consumption

  • See what changes in the house are helping me save electricity

  • See daily energy consumption and thus be able to cut unnecessary energy expenditure

It is not difficult to find the balance point of energy use and the tariff of the electricity company and others. What I can say is that many of our customers complain that the electricity company charges a lot. The truth of this is that we are the ones who consume a lot of electricity.

B) How to consume less electricity in the home.

  • Monitor daily energy consumption

  • Wash and dry the night clothes (after 9 PM)

  • This is because it helps the air conditioning unit to work less

  • Save water

  • Keep doors and windows closed

  • Use ceiling fans correctly

  • Keep the air conditioning filter clean

There are more ways to save electricity in the summer, follow our blog on this page or our sister page

Follow these few steps and see how you can save electricity this summer. Read more in our Blog

With the electricity provided is the only way to monitor and see how much energy we spend each day. In this way, we can see if we made any changes in our daily tasks and if it really served to save electricity.

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*rate based on Oncor territory, call for your local rate

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