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Solar Panels, How Do They Work?

Solar panels harness the energy received from the sun and convert it into electricity.

Solar Panels, How Do They Work?
How Solar Works

How do solar panels work?

The magic behind solar energy is truly astonishing. Let’s break it down, solar panels are made up of small units called photovoltaic cells. These cells allow particles of light, known as photons, to strip the electricity from atoms allowing us to create a clean source of direct current energy (DC). The DC is then carried to an electronic device called an inverter to be processed into alternating currency (AC).

What does that have to do with electricity?

Easy, the AC is your electricity! It travels through your home giving you a clean and natural source of energy to use freely. To summarize how solar panels, work, throughout your day, your solar panels will collect plenty of DC which will then be inverted into AC.

Here’s where the beauty comes in. From time to time your solar panels will create more electricity than what your household will consume.

"What happens to the extra energy collected?" you may ask yourself.

With smart meter technology, the extra energy produced is counted and recorded. Once done so, the energy is fed into an electrical grid and stored into something called a battery. A battery acts somewhat of a storage unit for electricity and holds the surplus energy for you to use in the near future.

On the contrary, there will be days where your household will consume more energy than what your solar panels will provide. For this process, something called true-up comes into play.

What is True-up?

True-up is the count of kWh we used from the electrical grid vs. the amount of kWh not used. If we used more kWh from the grid, the provider will then send us a bill.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that solar energy is a very effective lifestyle to live by. The sun is an extremely powerful source of energy that can provide us with effortless electricity for centuries to come.

It is also worth speaking about the positive impact solar energy has on the planet. Going solar will evidently benefit your health, wealth, and the environment. You just can’t go wrong with solar panels.

It is no doubt that solar energy will be the energy source of the future. The future is now, don’t get left behind. If you want to learn more over this subject or want to live a solar lifestyle.

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