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Save money, saving electricity – 2021 Resolution

Updated: May 18, 2023

Save money, saving electricity
Isn't this every year...

Save money, saving electricity – 2021 Resolution

Saving money is always on our ‘New Year’s’ resolution list

Easy to say, not easy to accomplish. However, we all want to save money, somehow, somewhere, sometime. We are here to help you with that… Save money, saving electricity – 2021 Resolution.

How to Save money, saving electricity?

Pay attention to details. Little efforts will impact your energy usage thus your electricity bill will be cheaper and cheaper. If we do not know how much energy we are using every day, we can’t figure out what are we doing that is not helping us to save on energy.

This website is all about helping you to see those details, small changes in your daily tasks, and housework that will lower your energy usage.

How to see my daily energy savings?

The only way to see if we are saving on electricity every day is by knowing how much electricity we are using every day. The ONLY way to know this is with prepaid electricity. I understand that prepaid electricity is a bit more expensive than contract energy plans. However, prepaid electricity will tell you if you are using more energy.

The Prepaid Electricity Billing Advantage

When you have prepaid electricity, you will receive a text or email every day with your energy consumption. This way you can determine what task or what appliances are wasting more electricity. This way you can make better use of those appliances or find a better way to be done with that housework.

Trust me, I did my efforts and figure out a way to lower my energy bill by 50%.

50% energy savings using prepaid electricity service.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

No Deposit Electricity



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