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Save Electricity by Maintaining the A/C

Summer 2022 is almost over. Now that the kids are back in school, we have time to put our home in order. The high electric bills are here, where do we start saving?

The A/C. Save Electricity by maintaining the A/C

We forget how important is to maintain our A/C. The air conditioner is the appliance that uses most of our electricity at home. If we give it a hand, it will last longer than you may think.

It may sound very complicated, I thought it was, however, with these ideas anyone can do them, and it will not cost you much. The main idea is to have a better airflow, from the compressor, all the way to the ducts and registers.

Changing the filter (every 3 months) will save you electricity.

You will have cleaner air ducts, and less dust all around the house. Not to mention all the pollen that will be kept on the filter. This means fewer allergies, less sneezing, coughing, etc. Since the air will flow better, the A/C unit will need less energy to push the air needed.

Some time ago, I did an experiment with 3 different kinds of filters. The cheapest air filter will damage you’re A/C and will not help you to have your house clean. The most expensive one is a reusable filter. This one you can clean and put back. I did not like it at all, takes forever to clean, I wasted a lot of water trying to clean it, and in the end, it never got cleaned as its original form.

The best air filter will save you electricity and money

Finally, I decided to get a high-quality and disposable air filter and it did help with all I wanted to accomplish. No mess, less dust, and better airflow.

More ideas to help you’re A/C unit run more efficiently and save electricity

Clear the compressor from leaves & debris, the A/C unit will run efficiently. With an air blower or a water hose, clear all leaves and debris from the compressor and the coils. This will help your A/C unit a lot.

Fewer service calls. A tech service call may run from $50-$150.

You can save thousands with a well-maintained A/C unit

Check your daily energy-saving efforts with prepaid electricity

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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