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Residential Electricity Savings

There are several ways to improve residential electricity savings. We have written a lot about this, we can change the lights of the house, change the hours in which we do our homework and chores, etc.

But, how to know if they are really making an impact on our residential electricity consumption and how to see if we are really saving electricity.

Text message
See how much energy you use every day

If we are with a contract company, these residential electricity plans that send us a monthly statement, we can only see what we consume in a 30-day period. You can't see if one day we made a change to improve electricity spending since the billing is monthly.

The best way to see our residential electricity savings efforts is with the prepaid electricity system. The reason is that prepaid electricity sends us a text message every day of our consumption the previous day and so we can compare what happened to differential when we did not make that change.

How to see these changes in our daily electricity balance.

With prepaid electricity, you will receive a daily notification of electricity consumption. Let's say that one day you change all the light bulbs in your home, changing all the light bulbs in your home will make a big impact on your home's electricity consumption. Well, this change will be reflected in your message the next day.

LED light bulbs
Good way to save energy

In the same example, if your consumption messages said that you spent $ 3.00 per day of electricity with regular bulbs, you will see that the next day your message will say that I now spend $ 2.50. As long as the weather conditions are similar from one day to the next.

The weather affects our electricity consumption. Residential Electricity Savings

To be able to compare efforts, we must see the factors that affect our residential electricity consumption such as:

  • Weather

  • Daily tasks

  • Use of appliances

  • Etc.

The other great advantage of prepaid electricity is that there is no contract, you can try the product. Surely if you follow our passive and recommendations You will be saving big.

Call us to help you understand prepaid electricity. Or follow this link


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