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Residential Electricity in Christmas

Updated: May 17, 2023

Residential Electricity in Christmas
Keep the light on in Christmas

Residential Electricity in Christmas

Don't run out of power this Christmas.

We want to help you lower your electricity consumption this Christmas and that way your electricity will last longer.

With prepaid electricity service, you can see how much energy you use each day and thus make better use of your appliances. See how much light you use day by day and save energy by making good use and habit of electrical appliances and at the same time better organizing your time. Residential Electricity in Christmas

5 Ways to Save Electricity in Winter

  1. Save water, hot water.

  2. Keep cold air outside, and keep doors and windows closed

  3. Natural light, open the curtains and let in the sunlight

  4. Overnight laundry, do this after 9 PM and help your heater

  5. Do not turn off the heater, keep the thermostat in AUTO

Save more with prepaid electricity and thus help you get through the January cost.

Prepaid electricity tells you how much electricity you use each day.

Prepaid electricity can be connected on the same day, even at Christmas and New Year's. Don't run out of light this Christmas and New Year.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity and save Residential Electricity in Christmas.

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