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Residential Electricity Connection in Minutes

Residential Electricity Connection in Minutes
Home energy service in less than 30 minutes

Electricity in our home is very necessary. These days it is difficult to live without having our cell phones charged, without keeping our food fresh in the fridge, or playing our video games.

Also, there are many of us who cannot connect the electricity in our home in an easy way. Many energy companies ask for requirements that not everyone has, for example, a social security number.

If we do not have a social security number, you can use a number we use to pay taxes, ITIN. This ITIN number, believe it or not, generates credit. This tax identification number can be used to make purchases on credit. Which, will generate credit in your name. That said, this ITIN number can be used to request electricity for your house.

No deposit electricity with us connects in minutes.

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Time to connect residential energy service.

Residential electricity in less than 30 minutes.

Technology helps us a lot in our work. Likewise, residential electricity connections have become faster and faster. This is if the service address and the energy meter are in good condition. Which means less interaction to connect a residential electricity service. Everything is through systems; humans almost no longer have much to do. Sad but true.

What can delay the energy connection for a house?

There are several reasons why the electricity connection in your home may take more time.

Problem: The meter is disconnected or does not exist, this will require an inspection from the city and the utility.

Solution: The UTILITY should send a unit to check or place the meter.

Problem: Lock on the meter or “Switch Hold”.

Solution: There are only 2 ways to remove this problem; 1) pay what is owed, 2) prove that you are a new resident at that address.

Problem: The utility is overloaded with orders.

Solution: Be patient. In this case, there is nothing we can do, if for some reason the utility is delayed with the orders to connect the electricity services only remains to be patient. This can be due to problems of a blackout or a disaster.

In addition, when we have natural disasters, and we know that the Texas coast has natural disasters constantly, utilities will prioritize restoring energy service in the affected areas first. I think it is fair for everyone that the utility helps those in need first.

Houston Texas Disaster

To conclude, I want to tell you that between organization and patience is the key to having a residential electricity connection in minutes.

  • Know when the current energy service contract expires.

  • Take into account the terms if you have an electricity contract with any energy company.

  • Know the date when you need to connect the electricity at home.

  • Investigate which is the best energy company and if they will ask you for a deposit and if so and you are willing to do so, be ready to make that payment.

Make a list of things that can go wrong, understand that if you plan ahead, everything can go as you want and not be in the dark at any time.

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