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Prepaid Electricity Will Help You to Save More

Home electricity has become extremely competitive, the difference in rate between a prepaid electricity company and a postpaid energy company is minimal. However, Prepaid Electricity Will Help You to Save More.

Save Money
Prepaid Electricity Saves Money

Differences between electricity plans. Prepaid electricity Vs. Postpaid energy.


One of the biggest differences between prepaid and postpaid electricity is the billing method. As prepaid electricity tries to save as much money as possible for the customer, there is no paper billing. The way they communicate with the customers is via text message or email.

It’s a great way to make sure the customer knows what is going on with the electricity.

Knowing how much you are consuming every day helps you to save more.

Traditional billing just sends you a statement every month, this way you can’t figure if an appliance is working properly or is making you waste more energy than usual.

Let’s say that your air conditioning unit is not working properly, it doesn’t pause as it should and keeps running nonstop. You don’t notice this because you are out on vacation or you are just too busy and don’t hear the difference. You could be spending $15 to $30 per day just for that problem.

If you are used to a $200 monthly energy bill, with malfunctioning heating or A/C unit, your electricity bill may get up to $350.

Easy payments.

Prepaid electricity helps you to budget even better. When you are running low on your balance, you can make large or low payment. I recommend making larger payments, this way the electricity will last longer and fewer payments need to be made. Pay by phone, bay the app, or in a store like ACE Cash Express, MoneyGram, Fidelity, etc.

Daily text notifications.

This is where it gets interesting. As stated above, the daily text notifications will help you to see how much energy you are using every day. Making this an easy way to measure your energy saving efforts. If a daily task is better to do it in a different way. As an example; wash and dry your clothes after 9 PM, or using less water, especially hot water, changing your air filter, etc.

Electricity Express continue searching for more ideas on how to pay less for the much-needed electricity.

Call today for a free quote, see the difference and start saving today.


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