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Prepaid Electricity Helps You Save More

Updated: May 17, 2023

Save electricity by changing your air filter
Save electricity by changing your air filter

Prepaid Electricity Helps You Save More

If you use prepaid electricity, you will save energy and pay less on your electricity bill. As one of the greatest advantages of prepaid electricity is knowing how much energy we are using every day. With daily text messages or emails about your electricity use, you can see how small changes in your use of appliances make an impact on energy consumption in the home.

This time I am going to give you one of several examples of something we should do at this time when the climate is changing.

Save electricity by changing your air filter.

Now that summer is over, it is time to change your air conditioning air filter. Many recommend doing it every 6 months, I recommend doing it every 4 months. Of course, if the family is large and if we consider pets then it should be done at least every 3 months.

The idea is to make the air conditioning unit do its job with as little effort as possible.

The air conditioning unit circulates the air that is inside the house and this air is not clean. If the air filter is not clean, the air conditioning unit will try harder to push air through the vents and it will also take longer to reach the desired temperature. As a result, increased use of electricity.

Prepaid Electricity Helps You Save More by changing your air conditioning filter.

Using prepaid electricity, you can see how the electricity consumption changes from the day you change the air filter compared to the day before.

Looking at electricity consumption every day we can see energy savings by making small changes in the way we use our appliances.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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