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Payless Residential Electricity

Lower Rates
Ways to Payless for Electricity

The most efficient way to pay less electricity in your home is not changing the electricity company looking for a low rate. Of course, it is important to have a competitive rate, which is not easy. But, the most efficient way to pay for less residential electricity is by using less energy in the home.

Lower residential electricity rates.

It is not easy to know exactly what is the best energy rate. Many companies hide the total price of the rate when giving certain discounts. For example; electricity plans with free weekends may sound very attractive, but the truth of those energy plans is that when electricity is not free, it is very expensive.

When do we use more energy in the home?

The peak hours of energy consumption are around 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. It is when we get up and get ready to go to work or take the children to school, and when we return from work and after-school activities. Nobody gives free energy at those times.

That's when electricity companies that give free nights are charged not to lose money when customers have a free electricity plan at night.

Going back to the subject, how to pay less residential electricity. I can recommend that the best way to do this is to reduce energy consumption in the home. Of course, it is not easy, but it is possible. The best way is calculating and taking care of the daily consumption of electricity.

How to take care of the daily consumption of electricity in the home?

There are two ways to obtain residential, prepaid and contract electricity. Residential electricity with a contract will only send you a monthly statement of what was consumed during the billing period, usually 30 days. If you made some effort to lower your energy consumption, you will not know how much that effort represents in money or energy consumption.

Climate changes are the ones that most affect our electricity consumption, in a month the temperatures can vary a lot and we will not know exactly if it is the low energy consumption due to climate change or our effort to save energy.

On the other hand, with prepaid electricity, you can see every day how much residential electricity is consumed. If you made an effort to save energy and the temperature of one day the next day was similar, you will realize if the effort to save energy was worth it or not.

Prepaid electricity will send you text or email notifications every day of your energy consumption. See how much I spend a day without making an effort to save energy and then see how much you spend when making that change that you think will save electricity. This will be noticed in your consumption notification. Keep making small changes and you will see if you can make your home much more efficient.

Generate your own residential electricity.

light bulb with solar
Save energy with solar

To conclude, I can say that the best way to pay less residential light is by generating your own electricity. FreeVolt TX offers solar panels. Get your own electricity company by putting solar panels in your home. You can save up to 100% of your residential electricity consumption.

For solar panels, call us at 888 509 7251

For your prepaid residential electricity you can call: 1-877-578-2977 or enroll yourself here.

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