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How to Pay Less Electricity in this Quarantine

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Staying home and saving energy
Tips how to pay less electricity

The truth is, we do not know exactly how much longer we will be staying at home. Many have lost their jobs, and many have lowered the number of working hours. Our budget looks tighter and tighter. Let us help our pocket by saving as much as possible.

Details of: use of air conditioning, its thermostat, ceiling fans, washing and drying clothes, air filters, outside heat, and more.

Save energy and pay less electricity

Now that we all spend much more time at home, energy consumption at home has doubled or even tripled. There are many things we can do to keep our energy consumption on the sidelines. If you do not make a little effort, the next electricity bill will be much higher than normal.

Cheaper electricity with better use of the A / C

The air conditioning and heating unit use approximately 50% of the energy consumption in the house. There is much we can do to save energy.

Home appliances energy usage
We can do a better use of our appliances

Summer and high temperatures are fast approaching. In the same way, energy consumption will be much higher. If we add that we are spending much more time at home, the air conditioning will be activated many more times. I know we all want to be at a comfortable temperature, but that does not mean that the A / C unit should not be treated as recommended.

  1. Never turn off the air conditioning unit unless you will not turn it on in 3 days

  2. Minimum A / C thermostat temperature of 72 ° F

  3. Use ceiling fans. Ceiling fans have 2 directions, now in summer, make sure the air is circulating down. The functions of the fans are to circulate the cold air around the house and make us feel a cooler environment.

  4. Wash and dry clothes at night. It is not that electricity is cheaper at night, but that during the day the temperature is higher and if we add more heat to the house when washing and drying clothes, the A / C will be activated more times.

  5. Change the air filters. Clean air filters go a long way, both, to better air conditioning unit performance and to keeping our home less dusty and healthier.

  6. Close curtains and doors. Sun rays heat the house, also the outside air is hot, let us keep the cold air inside by closing doors and windows.

There are many ways to save electricity at home.

How to see if these tips will save me energy? The best way to see if the tips we give in this and many other BLOGS is with prepaid energy service. Prepaid electricity tells you how much energy you spend every day. Contrary to the traditional residential electricity that only tells you how much energy you spend in the month.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

No Deposit Electricity


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