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Home Electricity and Better Uses

Updated: Mar 6

Home Electricity and Better Uses

Forget about gas stations

Have you noticed that EVs (Electric Vehicles) have been more and more of our acceptance? In the beginning, we thought that charging an EV would be a total hassle. Therefore, I am writing this blog, Home Electricity Better Uses.

It is very important to save energy, all kinds of energy. However, if we are saving energy coming from fossil fuels is even better. Fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy, non-renewable sources of energy will eventually run out. Even though the incentives to get a new EV are getting smaller and smaller, we must make an effort to preserve our planet.

“2021 forecast

According to IHS Markit's forecast, in 2021 we should expect that all-electric car sales will surpass 3.5% nationally.” Source: Article

There are many sources to get our power for our home, our electricity. However, we should be mindful and get our power from renewable resources of energy.

Home electricity and for our vehicles too.

Here is the idea of never stopping by a gas station again. With an EV you will be charging the car at night, and it will be ready by the next morning. This is what I mean by better use of our home electricity.

EVs are one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet.

I just read an article about Mercedes Benz's going 100% production of electric vehicles by the end of this decade. I was shocked, that includes commercial fleets too. Remember that Mercedes Benz does trucks too.

I believe that huge car-making companies like Mercedes Benz mark the difference and understand the importance of removing fossil fuels from the energy equation to power our planet.

I think we should be thinking like Mercedes Benz, not one, two, or 3 steps ahead but 100 steps ahead. This is the only way to stay ahead of the game. Yes, we need energy, however, electricity can come from renewable resources too, be mindful of how you get your power. Also, we should be mindful of how we use our energy, do not waste our energy. Energy is not easy to get.

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