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Energy Savings with Solar Panels

Energy Savings with Solar Panels

Energy savings with solar panels is not a myth. For years I have been helping customers to save on energy. As you may know, I used to have a solar panel company. After all those years of selling electricity in Texas, working with the best and most competitive energy companies, I was fortunate to put my hands to real energy savings with solar panels.

Energy Savings with Solar Panels
Go Solar Now

The real problem with solar panel companies is that solar panels are not cheap. There are many components to put together for a single residence to have a simple solar panel system. Also, the electricity price to compare with or without solar panels is remarkably similar. In other words, if a customer is thinking about buying a solar system for his home, the customer needs to make the comparison of what he or she is paying for the energy and what will be the cost of a solar panel system.

Energy Savings with Solar Panels are real?

How to know if a solar panel system is worth the stretch and the risk? Well, there is a way to know the real cost/benefit of having a solar panel system. This is the way the solar panel salesperson should give you the proposal.

  1. The salesperson should calculate to offset 100% of your energy consumption.

  2. After that, how much the solar system will cost you.

  3. This should be close to what you are paying per month for your electricity.

  4. Finance it as little as 12 years.

The real myth about a solar panel system.

Going solar is not free! The difference is that the money you are using to pay your electric bill will be used to pay for the solar panel system.

No one will pay you to go solar.

Another misconception about solar panels systems is that you will get paid if you have a solar panel system. First, the city and the utility will not allow you to go over 110% of your energy consumption, the project will not get approved, you will not get the required permits. Second, in the case that you produce more energy than you consume, the utility will count that excess of energy produced as credits that you will use when you do not generate any energy, for example, at night that we do not have the sun to produce energy.

To conclude. Yes, go solar, however, be mindful of the real numbers and the time it takes to pay off the solar panel system. Do not forget that our planet needs our help. Going solar is one of the best ways to help the environment for our future generations.


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