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Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program

Summer is coming, as you ready for those high electricity bills?

Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP)
There is help

Housing is not getting more affordable. As a matter of fact, right after covid, our rent, housing, groceries, and public services, like home electricity, have increased by more than 30%. Our income stayed the same, we are not receiving that 30% increase in our income. With that said, for many, living a normal life has been a struggle. There is the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP).

From CEAP:

The Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) is a utility assistance program designed to assist low income households in meeting their immediate energy needs and to encourage consumers to control energy costs for years to come through energy education. It provides relief to those low income elderly and/or disabled households most vulnerable to the high cost of energy for home heating and cooling from fluctuations in energy costs by providing financial assistance, paying up to six or eight of the highest bills during the year for non-vulnerable households and all remaining bills for vulnerable households. Furthermore, it provides assistance in an energy-related crisis or during severe weather or supply shortages. CEAP is available in all 254 counties. Read more.

I have received many comments from electricity customers having their power got disconnected. Usually, an electricity customer gets disconnected because he or she couldn’t pay the electricity bill. I know that there is an energy assistance program to have a discount on the electricity bill, called Light-Up Texas and Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP. On the other hand, I just learned that there is assistance, not only for active electricity customers. This CEAP also helps when an energy customer gets disconnected from the electricity company for being late paying his/her energy bills.

LIHEAP model plan.

If you are struggling to pay your bills right now, prepare yourself. There is help, but we can’t give you the help just like that.

Apply now for the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program

Now, the assistance will not come directly to you. This energy assistance will come through organizations that will regulate and study each individual case. You can read more about the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs here.

After your assistance is granted, you must contact your energy company and the electricity company will do the adjustments to your electricity bill. Many times, the caseworker may be able to help with the communications between you and the electricity company. However, do not expect much, if you really want that energy assistance on your electricity bill, be on top of it.

Some Texas residents already know that benefits applications may take some time, this is no different. Follow the steps and resources I’m sharing in this article. Act quickly, the summer will be here in no time and you don’t want to be placed in the back of the line. Of course, some guidelines you will need to follow and proof of residency. If you really need the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program, don’t wait and apply.

Remember that this Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program may help with monthly discounts and restore your electricity service in case you get disconnected for not paying your electricity bill.

Here is a video you can learn more about this.

I encourage you to learn more about saving energy at home. Yes, the CEAP can help, but we really need to help them by lowering our energy usage. Read all about it in our BLOG.

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