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The Good Thing About Prepaid Electricity.

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Image of thumbs up for prepaid electricity
The good thing about prepaid electricity

Few people see good things about prepaid electricity. At first, I did not like it either, but I was able to see the goodness of prepaid electricity.

I learned and after seeing how much it helped me, I can recommend it to anyone. That's right, both for houses and apartments. If there was prepaid electricity for business, I would also recommend it.

Before telling you about my experience, I will list the advantages of prepaid electricity.

Advantages of prepaid electricity:

  • Same-day energy connection

  • Very competitive rates

  • No contract

  • No deposit required

  • Daily notifications of energy consumption

  • Recharge the account with ease

  • Accepts government assistance LIHEAP

When I started selling prepaid electricity services, it was a bit difficult for me since I did not understand it very well.

First, to be able to sell a product, you must learn from the product, and see the advantages and disadvantages, the good and the bad.

It so happened that one day I forgot to pay my last electricity bill with the old electricity company I was, and they cut the electricity. I thought that time was the best to try the product I sell.

Call the same company that I have worked with since 2009 Payless Power. Even being a seller of the same company I was calling, I did not mention who I was to learn how the call center sells me electricity.

Fast Electricity Connection

Image of 30 minutes
It took me 30 minutes to connect my prepaid electricity

Surprise that after 30 minutes my electricity returned to my home. Only 30 minutes took me to reconnect my electricity service, that was amazing.

On the other hand, I learned that there are thousands of ways to save energy. Having a low electricity rate is not enough to pay less for the energy we consume. Prepaid electricity helps you see how much is consumed, day by day. This is forcing me to make better use of my appliances, invest in better, more efficient products, etc.

Keep the balance above $35 and save up to 20%

I was with prepaid electricity for more than 5 years, knowing that I did not pay a deposit, I could change my electricity company at any time. One day I had to recharge my account, I thought about this crazy idea to put in a much larger amount than usual, I paid $ 250. You could believe that this balance lasted more than 5 months, 22 weeks to be exact.

Don’t think that I lived in a studio, I lived in a two-bedroom apartment with very open areas. What I can tell you is that I force myself to make better use of electricity. Now I live in a 4-bedroom, 100% electric house and our electricity bill arrives at an average of $ 100 per month. My neighbors pay from $ 200 to $ 300 for electricity per month.

Surely, I learned a good thing about prepaid electricity.

LET'S TALK: 1-877-578-2977

image of steps how to get prepaid electricity
Steps how to get prepaid electricity

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

No Deposit Electricity



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