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Save on Energy - Wash and Dry at Night

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Wash and Dry at Night to Save on Energy

I heard this once before, Wash and Dry at Night to Save on Energy. I intrigued, and I asked myself; what does day or night have to do with my electricity consumption.

Every time I tell this tip to a customer happens the same thing, they become puzzled.

Let me start with a couple of questions, what part of the day is cooler? What part of the day do we use less energy?

Cheap Electricity in Wintertime, Wash and Dry at Night to Save on Energy.

Winter nights are cooler and if we wash and dry our clothes after 9 PM we will be helping our furnace to kick in fewer times. The help comes from the heat generated from the washer and dryer machines. This helps to maintain the temperature, at least while we are doing this task.

Cheap Electricity in Summertime, Wash and Dry at Night to Save on Energy.

In the same way, summer nights temperatures are cooler than daytime temperatures. With this said, we do not want to produce more heat when is already hot. In other words, we will be heating our homes in the hottest part of the day. Indeed, the air conditioner unit will work more times if we do this task during the day in the summertime.

Try this tip and you will see that you could lower your energy consumption by 15 %, if you pay $200 per month on electricity, your savings will be around $360 per year. I’ll take that as a car payment, or almost 2 months’ worth of electricity.

The gimmicks, NIGHTS FREE ELECTRICITY. Wash and Dry at Night to Save on Energy.

Please don’t be fooled by the FREE nights plans out there. Yes, maybe the energy rate will be zero, however, you will be still paying for delivery charges and taxes. Also, note that those plans have a higher kWh rate during high peak energy consumption, that is around 5 PM.

To conclude. Cheap electricity Texas, do laundry at night.

If you want to know if Wash and Dry at Night to Save on Energy really works or worth the stretch, try prepaid electricity. Prepaid electricity can send you a text every day to tell you about your daily energy consumption.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

No Deposit Electricity


Energy plans and sign-ups, click here

More energy-saving ideas in our blog.

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