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Very Expensive Residential Electricity

Very Expensive Residential Electricity

$ 100 a month is Very Expensive Residential Electricity?

How expensive can residential electricity be? We could see the difference between one residential electricity and another depending on a few factors. The expensive ones could be us, or the kilowatt rate, or also the size of the residence in which we live.

Let's see each one of these aspects. Very Expensive Residential Electricity.

Very Expensive Residential Electricity may be because we consume a lot of energy in the home.

If we do not strive to lower the energy consumption at home, then of course our electricity bill will be very expensive. Prepaid residential electricity helps us see, day by day how much we consume and if we do something to save energy, we can immediately realize we are doing good.

Very high kilowatt rate, therefore, Very Expensive Residential Electricity.

Many times, the residential electricity sales agents do not tell us the whole truth. It may be that the residential energy plan is variable, therefore, the rate goes up. It may also be that they only quote us the energy charge and they do not mention us the delivery charges of the utility and the price seems to be very good, but the reality will be different.

Depending on the size of the residence the Very Expensive Residential Electricity.

I can say that if you live in a studio and pay more than $ 80 a month of electricity, then if it is very expensive and you must see the other two factors above. But if you pay the same $ 80 in a 3-bedroom house, then it's not Very Expensive Residential Electricity.

Smart Choice Power wants to help you more than any other company would do for you.

Send us your residential electricity bill. We will tell you if you have Very Expensive Residential Electricity.

Send us your electricity bill

We will study what kind of plan you have, if it is variable rate and how much time it has left in the contract, if it is worth breaking the contract, if the rate is very high, etc.

We will tell you the truth and compare with the competition, if we cannot improve the residential electricity company that you have, we will recommend a better one or to stay where you are.

Follow our other Power Blog and take note of all the recommendations we have on how to save electricity at home.

If you already have low-income assistance, you can also apply for help to get discounts for residential electricity. Apply here.

Lowes has the best appliances, see the Energy Star labels to see how efficient they are.

Call us to get your prepaid residential electricity.


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If you have a complaint with your current home electricity provider, fill out a form with the Public Utility Commission.

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