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Tips for making home electricity complaints

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

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¿No sabe con quien quejarse a cerca de su electricidad residencial?

There are times when we feel ripped off by our electricity company because they charge us more for something that is so necessary, and we cannot live without. In our case, it is our home electricity.

But how do I know where and with whom to complain about my residential electricity company? Tips for making home electricity complaints.

You must know how to make the claim to your electricity company. How do these complaints work, so the PUC apply the corresponding charges, so they can resolve this as soon as possible.

Usual complaints presented to the PUC:

  • Slamming: To replace the supplier without the user being informed and without agreeing.

  • Alter: Modify the costs not endorsed by the user.

  • Billing: There is no similarity between consumption and cost.

  • Cut Service: Sudden cut off electricity.

  • Provision of services: Failure to comply with delivery within the promised time.

As a personal example:

Without my authorization, an energy salesperson changed my account to his electricity company. Now I have a new invoice from an energy company that I did not authorize. They "slammed" me.

What was the result? Many problems.

  1. Exaggerated cost to terminate with my previous company.

  2. I got a different kWh rate.

  3. Other clauses and obligations.

I contacted my usual provider, they understood my situation. They made a REVERT GAIN and I went back with them.

But the plan he had was no longer in use. I had to settle for a different plan and a little more expensive. Even so, it is not as expensive as the company that wanted to cheat me.

Sanctions on energy companies by slamming:

A "slamming" can cost the electricity company more than $ 15,000. Not to mention the lawsuits and bad prestige that they will have.

It is one of the reasons why all customers that require a public service must go through a recording or some special procedure to determine if the client wants the service.

All this may take a couple of months, but it's worth it. To see more details, you can go to the PUC website.

As the PUC page says

"Before filing an informal complaint with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), first contact your electricity or telephone provider and allow them to investigate your claim.
If you cannot reach a satisfactory solution with your provider, you must file a complaint with the PUC's Customer Protection Division.
Before starting the process, it is important that you understand your rights as a public service customer. "

Finally, prepaid electricity is more difficult to commit a "slamming". The reason is that, as the name says, you must make a payment to start the electricity service. It would be difficult to have a client who does not want the service if he has already made a payment.

The blacklist of the residential electricity companies with the most complaints in Texas, according to the PUC.

Imagen de la lista de quejas de las compañías de luz
La lista negra de las compañías de electricidad con mas quejas en Texas

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