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The Christmas Tree and Saving Electricity this Christmas

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Saving electricity this Christmas and taking care of the natural Christmas tree inside our house.

2 Trees, one moist and one dry Christmas trees
Dry Christmas Tree Vs. Moist Christmas Tree

It is very nice to enter our home and smell the natural pine aroma that comes from this Christmas tree. And it warns us that Christmas has arrived.

Take care of the Christmas tree

When arranging our Christmas tree, the first thing we will do is untangle the Christmas lights we have from last year. Patiently, we will check the Christmas lights to be in good condition.

If we do not prove that the lights for the Christmas tree are in good condition, we could be at risk of causing a fire, especially if our tree is dry.

Tips to keep your natural tree moist inside your house:

  • With this intention (depending on the size of the tree) you must add 2 cups of sugar every two days.

  • Add water every two days. This humidity will keep you away from a short circuit,

  • Add sugar water to the tree stand.

  • I checked the water level every day.

  • With a spray bottle, sprinkle water on the tree. Do this task every day and as long as the tree is offline.

Watch this video and you will see the difference in how fast you can set a dry tree on fire that stays wet.

It is recomended to decorate the Christmas tree with spheres whose colors shine in the day beautiful and the night they shine.

But above all, in these seasons, it is very important to think about saving energy. We should not waste it.

Save electricity during Christmas time

Imagine a world without electricity.

We do not just want you to have an electricity company that you like.

We also want you to check our BLOG with many ideas we have for saving electricity at home.

Follow our blog and you will see all the ideas that we put into practice. Surely you will learn many ways to make light in the home, not just with a cheap electricity rate.

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