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Saving Electricity is Like Losing Weight

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

As the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years' approach, we all want to look our best. Yes, we go to the gym, we eat healthier and of course, we take care of and monitor our weight. In the same way, saving electricity is like losing weight. Who wouldn't want a little extra money for more gifts, a vacation, or to pay off those late bills? If we take a close look at how we spend electricity at home, we can save on our electricity bill.

Saving Electricity is Like Losing Weight
Set goals and stick to the plan

It is an effort that is possible to achieve if we really want to.

First, the motivation. We must make sure that we are ready for change, put in mind what we really want and can achieve, and always remain a reality.

Second, set realistic goals. Knowing our limits is important. Make a plan and stick to it, write down the details and follow a routine, both for food and exercise. Reach goals little by little, nothing will happen overnight. The constancy of your efforts will be noticed sooner or later.

Third, ask for support from those around you. You and your loved ones are your motivation, they are also the ones who will understand and support you to achieve your goals. They should know about the change you want to make and they will encourage you to achieve it.

Most importantly, take note of your progress and the routine, of diet and exercise, that is helping you the most to reach the final goal.

Saving Electricity is Like Losing Weight

The Best Way to Save Electricity at Home

Save electricity at home easy
Monitor your energy-saving efforts

Follow the steps I mentioned above and apply them to your home energy use.

First, the motivation. We must understand that it is possible to save electricity at home. Save that extra money for more important things.

Second, set a realistic goal. We know that your neighbor is not going to consume the same amount of electricity as you. Improve and follow an electricity-saving plan at home. In our BLOG we have many ideas of how to make changes in our daily routine in order to lower our electricity consumption.

  • Use of air conditioning and heating

  • Air filter change

  • Saving water will save electricity

  • use ceiling fans

  • Wash and dry clothes at night, and many more.

To tell the truth, the difference in electricity rates between one electricity company and another is not very big.

Third, everyone in the home needs to know about and support this challenge. This is a team effort, if some do not follow the plan it will be more difficult to reach the goal.

The most important thing is to see in detail our electricity consumption. If we do not know how much light is consumed each day in the home, we will not be able to know how to reduce electricity consumption.

How to Monitor Electricity Consumption at Home

As I mentioned before, when we want to lose weight, we are recommended to monitor our progress. In the same way, we can monitor the daily consumption of electricity in the home. The best way to see our daily electricity usage is with a prepaid electricity company.

Prepaid electricity sends you a daily message of energy consumption.

This way you can see and track your energy-saving efforts at home. If one day you made a change in your daily tasks at home, the next day you will know if that change is worth continuing to do to save electricity.

Just to mention an example, if you are used to washing and drying your clothes during the day, change that routine and do it at night. The best time to do this chore is after 9 PM. Since you have prepaid electricity, write down how much electricity is used doing laundry during the day. Then take note of how much energy is consumed by doing the same thing after 9 PM. You will see that the difference is quite.

To conclude, of course, a lower electricity rate will make you pay less electricity. But it is much more important to be consistent in energy-saving efforts to keep electric bills low. Saving electricity is like losing weight, you will see that it will become a habit and you will have that extra money and less weight for more important things.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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