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Cheap Electricity at Home, Disconnect What You Do Not Use

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Image of some vampire appliances
Vampire Appliances draw power even when not in use.

There is a term that we use in the home electricity sales industry.

Save Home Electricity Disconnect What You Do Not Use. Vampire Appliances.

All those electronics and equipment that we do not use constantly and that stay plugged. Many of these have a device that remains dormant, this is so that they are ready for use at any time.

These are the Vampire Appliances, they continue to consume electricity at home even when they are turned off.

Image of an energy guide lable
Energy Guide Label

TV, chargers, video games, DVD, computers, etc. Many of them are already smart and when they are not in use they do not consume energy. But most stay in "stand by" mode and continue to pull electricity.

The only way to ensure that light is not consumed and Save Home Electricity Disconnect What You Do Not Use. That’s right, disconnect them completely.

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How can I know if the effort to disconnect all the vampire appliances works?

It will be very difficult to see the result of Save Home Electricity Disconnect What You Do Not Use if you have an electricity company with a contract that sends you a monthly bill. Every month we consume different amounts of electricity.

That's right since prepaid electricity sends you notifications of electricity use every day, you can be aware of your electricity consumption is low or not.

There are studies that say that residential electricity consumption of vampire appliances can be up to 28%.

Here are some recommendations to save energy:

Image of a smart power strip
Power Strips, easy to disconnect appliances and electronic devices

  • Save Home Electricity Disconnect What You Do Not Use.

  • Find smart power strips.

  • Or regular power strips.

  • When buying new appliances, see the information label about how efficient that equipment is.

  • Switch to a prepaid electricity company and see the results.

  • Maintain appliances.

Follow our Power Blog and discover more ways to save electricity at home.

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