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Save Energy and Money, Home Insulation Basics

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Lady setting up her home insulation
Home Insulation DIY. Save energy and money, home insulation basics

Save Energy and Money, Home Insulation Basics

Many of us don’t know how important this is, Save Energy and Money, Home Insulation Basics.

So simple and we are wasting more money than we think. Most of us don’t even think about this. Home Insulation Basics blog will tell you how important it is to maintain that part of your home and it does not require an expert or a qualified technician to make this necessary home improvement.

First, let me tell you that, depending on the season, it’s important to help your air conditioning and heating unit to work at it’s best. Less stress by cleaning air flow and usage; in other words what I’m trying to say with “usage” is to lower the unit’s usage as much as we can.

How do we lower the A/C or furnace usage? Save Energy and Money, Home Insulation Basics.

In Texas, the weather is extreme, when it’s hot, it’s very hot and the opposite in the winter. What we want to do is to keep our home cold or warm as long as possible, this way the A/C or furnace work less.

  1. Look for leaks. The air leak through cracks.

  2. Change or clean the filter of your unit.

  3. Clean the air ducts.

  4. Find the best insulation solution.

I didn’t know this when I bought my first house and I was amazed when someone told me that “that is normal” … Houses move, and they move a lot, not just because you may have a foundation problem, but houses move. Unlikely, cracks are everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE, with cracks the air will leak therefore air will scape so you’re A/C or furnace unit needs to get to work more often.

Leaks can be simply detected by light or smoke. Check this quick video.

My favorite toy store will give you what you need to seal doors and windows.

Finding the best insulation for your home sounds complicated, no worries, just go to your attic, take a picture of it and go to my favorite toy store and explain to them what you need. Also, you can hire someone to do this but it’s not necessary. If you are DIY just make sure that you get the right safety equipment.

In conclusion, keeping your home heat or cold-proof is not that complicated, we just need to put it in our priority list and do it. Save Energy and Money, Home Insulation Basics.

Meanwhile, another way to save money is going with an energy company who really wants to help.

Prepaid electricity saves money.

After you did all your insulation at home, how to see if this really impacted your home electricity usage and save money on your electricity bill. Well, let me tell you that the best way to see those savings is with prepaid electricity. The reason is that prepaid energy service will send you a text or email notification for your daily usage. Knowing your daily energy usage is a very powerful tool. Use this to your advantage to see what ideas and changes in your home work best.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

No Deposit Electricity


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