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Prepaid Energy Saved me Thousands

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

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Prepaid Home Electricity Saved Me Thousands

In the beginning, I was sceptical about prepaid electricity for my house, however,

Prepaid Energy saved me thousands.

As you have seen, prepaid utilities or services are getting more and more popular these days. Why? Simply because you have more control of your money and you know that you don’t need good credit for essential services like your phone or cable, in this case, home electricity.

Home electricity should be simple and hassle-free. Prepaid Energy saved me thousands.

Unlike other products that they must search through your credit to see if you are a good citizen, yes, I get it, if you are asking for thousands of dollars for something, leverage will be needed. Nevertheless, home electricity is a need, we will barely survive without home energy. We are so used to it for our daily functionality.

Why should home electricity be subject to credit approval?

For example, if you have a 2,500 ft2 5-bedroom home with pool, you may run a $500 to $600 electricity bill in the hot summer months. If you decide to dump your electricity company and not willing to pay your home electric bill, the electricity company will figure that out in about 45 to 60 days, and now you are in debt for about $1000.

Let’s face it, who has that kind of home, has great credit and don’t have a problem paying $600 for a utility bill. Likewise, you have excellent credit. Prepaid Energy saved me thousands.

Who has good credit for utilities?

In general, there are more home electricity users with less than perfect credit than with good credit. Unfortunately, there are a lot of not-so-good citizens out there that are not willing to pay for what they use and we all need to pay for the “broken plates”.

In other words, there are energy users that abuse the system; uncontrolled energy usage and not willing to pay that usage. Here is where it turns ugly. Let me tell you that there are energy companies that are willing to help “poor credit customers, however, these customers don’t want to be helped, they just want free stuff and won’t pay their home electricity.

Yes, the energy companies make money, but not from “screwing up” customers, but by their ability to do business in the buying and selling in the wholesale. While most of the customers think that the rates are outrageous but what they don’t see is what it’s outrageous is the customer's usage.

In conclusion, home electricity should be affordable, easy to get and available for everyone; no credit requirements, several options to choose from, like free Sundays, or free nights, etc. However, we need to do our part to make this happen, take care or the energy you use every day, be smart, don’t waste it.

Free energy plans are not for everyone.

Be careful with the free electricity plans offered by the energy companies. Yes, it sounds very nice to have free electricity, however, the rate at peak hours are very high, some rates can go as high as 20 cents per kWh.

Why do we need to take care of our home energy?

Prepaid Energy saved me thousands.

Be conscious, at this moment, most of the energy we demand to power our life comes from non-renewable resources, even we are working hard to get 100% green power generation, still, there is a long way to achieve that.

I believe that in the near future all this will not be necessary and we all will have free energy to power our homes.

Meanwhile, be smart and control your energy with Prepaid Energy. Therefore, you can say Prepaid Energy saved me thousands. Do this through Payless Power, by far is the best-prepaid energy company out there.

Give them a call: 877-578-2977

For more energy-saving tips go to Electricity Express Power Blog.

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