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Prepaid Electricity Pasadena Texas

Prepaid Electricity Pasadena Texas
Electricity Savings Start Here

If you are looking for an affordable electricity company, you are in the right place. We offer prepaid electricity for Pasadena Texas residents. Prepaid electricity is the fastest and easiest way to connect your energy service.

Features of Prepaid Electricity Pasadena Texas

No Credit Check

Electricity Connection in Minutes

Daily Notifications of Energy Usage

No Deposit Required

Everyone is Welcome

No Credit Check Energy Service, everyone is welcome

There are many energy companies in Texas, however, not all of them are the same. One of the main differences is how they approve a customer to have electricity. Most electricity companies want customers with good credit. Let’s face it, how many of us have good credit? Many of us struggle with that situation. Prepaid electricity will not ask for credit verification, no social security number or driver’s license is required. The only information required is your name, address, phone number, DOB, and email. As you can see, everyone is welcome.

Same-day Electricity Connection

Since we don’t have to wait for the credit check to be assessed, after you buy a few kilowatts to start your electricity service, we will send the electricity connection request to the utility right away. If the electric meter has no problems, like a switch hold, or needs an inspection, the energy will be connected within minutes.

Know how much energy you use every day and save

Budgeting is key to saving money. If you know how many kilowatts you are using every day, you can do changes in your daily chores and challenge yourself and your family to lower your electricity consumption. You will get used to saving energy every day, you will learn how to use your appliances to be more energy-efficient. With prepaid electricity, you will get daily energy usage notifications.

You can follow our BLOG for many ideas on how to save energy at home.

No Deposit is Required

As mentioned above, many electricity companies will ask their customers to have good credit. In the case that the customer has less than good credit, the energy company will ask for a security deposit to be paid before the energy service start. Usually, those deposits can range from $200 - $500. On the contrary, with prepaid electricity, you do not need to pay a large deposit to start your electricity service.

As of today, with only $40 you can buy a few days of electricity and connect your electricity in minutes. This $40 is not a deposit, you are buying the energy that you will be using from the moment your electricity service starts. This offer is valid on the day this article was published; this can change any day without notice.

For fast, reliable, and affordable prepaid electricity service Pasadena Texas, call today.

You can click here and get your energy service all online.

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