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Prepaid Electricity Helps You Save More

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Unlike residential electricity with a contract or postpaid, which sends a monthly statement, prepaid electricity sends a text message every day telling you how much electricity you used the day before. This is how prepaid electricity billing is. Prepaid Electricity Helps You Save More.

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Daily text energy usage notifications

Daily notifications of electricity consumption.

Prepaid Electricity Billing Method Helps You to Save

At first, these energy usage notifications will seem a bit annoying. Do not worry, they are only once a day and you will get used to it. The detail is that these notifications will tell you how much you consumed the previous day. This will help you to see if any change in the use of your appliances helped you save electricity.

Let's say that you are used to washing and drying your clothes when you arrive from work, around 5 - 6 in the afternoon. It is the time of day when it is warmer, and the washer and dryer generate heat, this will make the house warm, and ask for more help from the air conditioning to cool the house to the temperature that you like.

Improve your electricity usage by washing your clothes at night

If you do your laundry at night, let's say you do it after 9 at night, then it will help the air conditioning or heating to operate fewer times.

The text notifications of Prepaid Electricity help you save more since it tells you your electricity consumption per day. Compared to postpaid electricity or with a contract that sends a bill a month, that only tells you what you consumed for the entire month and will not know if washing at night helped you save electricity or not.

Pay less electricity saving energy consumed, a low electricity rate is not essential to reduce the cost of electricity at home.

This is just one example of how modifying certain things, in how we use electricity can help us save more and more and pay less electricity.

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