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New Season, New Electricity Rates

New Season, New Electricity Rates
We love this fall season

With this long summer we had in Texas, our electricity bills went up to the roof. We would like to help you to save on your electricity bill. Also, for a lot of us, this is the season for change, we do some cleaning for the holidays, or we move around stuff for the winter. On the other hand, this is the season to move to a new home.

Speaking about season change, new electricity rates are here. Smart Choice Power is all about customer service, been fair to the customers and do as we say we will do. With that said, we do not offer promotional electricity rates. New season, new electricity rates is not about seasonal rates. Electricity rates change, usually twice a year.



Oncor area, 12 cents as electricity rate with prepaid electricity is very good. Compare with others that have 14 cents and with a 12-month contract.

Energy rates change not by choice.

The electricity industry is affected by the offer and demand of natural gas. Despite that, some houses and businesses not even use natural gas, but natural gas controls the energy prices in Texas. Energy providers like Direct Energy, Green Mountain, TXU, Ambit Energy, Amigo Energy, etc., need to buy megawatts in advance to supply their existing portfolio of clients plus new acquisitions. They forecast when they will need in the future and buy energy from the power generators. With that said, they forecast the natural gas price fluctuation.

In all honesty, I think that no electricity company wants to raise their energy rates, it is by force.

Payless Power does right with their new electricity rates.

I’ve been an energy broker for more than 10 years. Since the beginning, I have worked with Payless Power. For one thing, this is a family-owned company in Texas and they only have Texans working there. They decided to go for the high-risk customers with prepaid electricity services. Well, someone needs to cater these customers, they do, and they do very well.

If the electricity rates change, it is by force. They have new rates and they are very similar of what was last year. The change was about $0.02 per kWh rate.

I used prepaid energy and it works.

Prepaid electricity is all about paying attention on your energy usage, this way you will figure it out what to do to save energy.

Payless for power is not about a low energy rate.

I have said it so many times, if we want to lower our electricity bill is by lowering our energy consumption. Follow some tips in our blog.

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