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The Most Important of Solar Panels

If you have a house, you are always looking for ways to save. More than anything in your fixed expenses and services such as water, gas, internet, and of course electricity.

Electricity is one of those services that if we don't take care of it can get out of control. The weather, our children's school hours, holidays, and more affect our electricity consumption. Of course, we would all like our electricity bills to be the same each month so that we don't have to worry about months when we have electricity bills of $300 and others of $80.

How can we pay the same amount of electricity every month?

There are two ways to be able to make the same electricity payment each month.

Electricity Plan Average Use

This electricity plan is not offered by many electricity companies. What they do is they look at the average electricity usage over the last 5 years. They make an analysis of what electricity will cost in the next year and a one-year contract will be made.

Unfortunately, electricity rates have been very unstable, the cost of electricity has increased by more than 50% in the last 2 years. So, most likely, the average cost that they are going to sell us will be something out of reality. These electricity companies will protect themselves from any unexpected changes in the cost of electricity.

The Most Important of Solar Panels
It's easier than you think

With Solar Panels you can pay the same amount of electricity each month

This is the most important thing about solar panels. With solar panels, you will cover 100% of your electricity consumption. The idea is to look at your home's energy use and lock in the cost of electricity forever, not just for a year or two.

This is what you should focus on, your electricity expense is the same, every month until those solar panels are paid for. You will be able to make a better budget for your fixed expenses. You will know how much you are going to pay for electricity each month. No more electricity bills of $300 and others of $80.

The Solar Panel Proposal

A seller of solar panels can tell you a lot about technology, helping the environment, etc. The Most Important thing about Solar Panels is that you pay the same amount of light every month. It is important to know these details:

The monthly energy consumption. This is the number of kilowatts that are used each month.

The monthly payment of light. What is sent to the electricity company each month.

With this information, the solar panel vendor should come to a midpoint of what a solar panel system will cost.

Let's say your average electricity usage last year was 1,000 kWh per month, so a 12K solar panel system would be needed.

If you paid $3,000 for electricity in the year, some months more than others, but an average of $250 a month.

Electricity will no longer be paid for, but solar panels will.

With this example, the solar panel system will cover all the energy needed to supply this residence so that it needs electricity all year round. To this end, the energy consumption that was requested from the electricity company will be zero. But now we have to pay for the equipment that is generating our electricity. The solar panel system. For this example, the cost of the photovoltaic system should be around $42,000. When making the financial plan, there should be a monthly payment of $250 left to pay for the solar panels.

After a few years, the solar panel system will be paid for in full. This is when we can already say that you have free electricity.

In Texas, it is recommended not to include a battery. We can save the excess energy that is generated with the help of the utility (utilities). Still, we have to pay for interconnection. The interconnection is the service for sending and receiving energy to the utility.

In conclusion. Having solar panels is easier than it seems, you just have to see your consumption and average monthly cost of electricity. With that information, you can make the right decision.

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