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How to Pay Less Residential Electricity

Chart of energy cost going down.
How to Pay Less Residential Electricity

Smart Choice Power is committed to two things; 1. Help customers find the best electricity rate and, 2. Help you lower your energy consumption. Here we will tell you How to Pay Less Residential Electricity.

Having a cheap energy company is not enough to pay less for the electricity we use every day. Since an effort was made to find a cheap energy company, now is the time to make an effort to lower the electricity consumption.

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Without more to say, here are the recommendations How to Pay Less Residential Electricity.

1. Correct use of household appliances.

That's right, there are several ways to use electronics and equipment that helps us do our daily tasks such as washing and drying clothes, ironing, washing dishes, cooking, using the shower, etc. In addition to trying to have equipment with Energy Star certification, which tells us how much the energy savings of that appliance will be, make the right use is a matter of getting used. Wash and dry clothes after 9 PM, use less water, especially hot water, unplug chargers and appliances not in use, etc.

2. Spotlights of the house.

It is an excellent investment, changing the bulbs of the house by LEDs is an excellent way to save electricity. In addition to this, if possible, change the configuration of the lights to be in sections, this way, only use the necessary lights where you need them. I know customers that their whole kitchen is illuminated by a single switch, I recommend changing it to 3 different sections.

3. Air conditioning and heating.

This equipment drags most of the energy at home. Of course, we like the help to heat or cool our home, however, we must help this equipment to work better and not overspend. Change the filter every 3 months and buy good quality filters. Keep doors and windows closed, install an intelligent or programmable thermostat.

4. Air leakage and insulation.

One of the most complicated tasks. 1. All the houses move, before or after the foundation repair, it will be necessary to seal those cracks that came out due to the movement of the house. You will find these cracks through the doors, windows and panels. Here I show you a video of how to detect them.

Insulation, although the materials that are now used to make the insulation last for many years, thus, can be damaged by animal pests or water leaks that we do not see. Do an annual inspection, this will help you see other problems in the places we rarely visit.

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