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How to pay less electricity back to school?

Save electricity at home
Let's go back to home savings

Now that our kids are back in school, we can make changes around the house to save energy and pay less for electricity. This summer has been one of the hottest in over 20 years. When we have our children at home, we use much more electricity. Video consoles, air conditioning, we turn on more lights in the rooms, etc.

Saving electricity at home is an effort of everyone in the home. Even so, many times our children forget the details, we also want them to be comfortable. Let's take control of our home and finances while our children are in school. A little effort and paying attention to certain details can save you 30% on energy and pay less for electricity on your next bill.

1. Better thermostat control

Air conditioning is the appliance that uses the most energy in the summer. Turning off the A/C is not the best way to save. The best thing you can do is turn up the temperature when no one is home and not turn the temperature down drastically. If no one will be home or if it is not uncomfortable, keep the temperature at 78˚F. When the children come home from school, lower the temperature gradually, about 2 degrees per hour.

Save electricity with your thermostat
Take control of this

2. Use ceiling fans

Ceiling fans help a lot to feel cooler, they help air to circulate around the room. Look for a button at the base of the fan, this button changes the direction of the blades. Make sure the fan is pushing the air down. Change the direction of the fan in the winter. Follow this link to know more about how to use ceiling fans.

3. Wash and dry clothes after 9 PM

If you use a dishwasher, I also advise you to use it after 9 PM. These appliances generate heat, if we use them during the day, which is when the temperature is higher, then the house will heat up more. At the same time, the air conditioner will be working more. Make sure these appliances are well maintained and don't forget to clean the lint screens.

4. Change the A/C filter every 3 months

Having a clean, good-quality filter will make your A/C work more efficiently. Maintaining our air conditioning is very important, not only for energy savings and paying less electricity. Replacing an air conditioning unit can cost more than $5,000. A poorly maintained A/C can cause the unit to not stop working, the coils get dirty, and condensation will start. This will make a trickle of water and we could inadvertently damage more than just the A/C unit.

Save electricity with high-quality filters
This will help you to breath better

5. Save water

That's right, water use affects our energy consumption. Many of us have electric water heaters. Let's use hot water when we really need it. This fact is going to shock you, a simple 20-minute shower can use up to 50 gallons of water. By turning on the hot water and waiting for it to heat up, this can waste 5-7 gallons of water…drinking water! Let us be aware that water is not a renewable natural resource. Here you can learn more about water consumption in the shower.

6. Take advantage of sunlight

Letting in sunlight helps us use less artificial light. Even so, let's not let it get hot from outside inside as it could make the A/C work longer. Mesh or sunscreens will help keep the sun's heat out. If you keep the blinds closed, don't forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room.

7. Use LED spotlights

As I mentioned in the previous point, do not forget to turn off the lights in the rooms that are not occupied. If possible, change all bulbs to LEDs, these bulbs can save up to 80% energy compared to incandescent bulbs. Plus, these bulbs last longer hours and don't have mercury like fluorescent bulbs.

8. Know your daily electricity consumption

This is the most important point of all. Knowing how much electricity we consume each day helps us learn how and when it is the most efficient way to use our appliances. Plus, we can tell if our energy-saving efforts are working or not. Many electricity companies only send a monthly statement, this does not help us to know our daily electricity consumption.

Know your daily energy usage
Save electricity by knowing your energy consumption

Prepaid electricity sends you a daily message with your energy consumption from the previous day.

Knowing the amount of kWh, you used yesterday; you will unconsciously make an effort to spend less electricity the next day. Every day you will see how your energy consumption is reduced. You will talk to your family and tell them how important it is to save energy, gas, water, etc. You will realize how the weather directly affects your energy consumption.

You will see that in a few months you will be an expert in energy savings. Your electricity consumption will drop, and you will see how paying less electricity is not so complicated.

We are going back to school too and learn to save energy and pay less electricity

Learning how to make better use of our appliances. How and when is the best time to use them, how important it is to have them well maintained and to be able to use them as efficiently as possible.

If you want more electricity-saving tips, follow our blog.

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