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Home Electricity - Prepaid Electricity Vs. Postpaid Energy

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

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Home Electricity

Is Prepaid Electricity Better than Postpaid Energy?

Nothing easy is the decision to choose Home Electricity - Prepaid Electricity Vs. Postpaid Energy

The two types of electricity for home electricity have their good and bad. In my view, the decision will be depending on two factors; How good is the customer's credit and how much I would like to save electricity at home.

Let's start with postpaid home electricity.

This is the one that sends you a monthly statement; what you are charged for is (approximately) 30 days of energy use. Next, I will list certain advantages:

Advantages of home electricity with contract:

  1. Will have a fixed rate if the customer does not break the contract

  2. Monthly invoice

  3. Some companies can connect the service on the same day.

  4. There will be a contract

  5. If you cancel the service, a cancellation fee will be charged

  6. If the customer's credit is below 600 points, they will charge a deposit of approximately $ 200.

  7. You are charged once a month

  8. You will only know how much home energy you use when the bill arrives.

Prepaid residential electricity also has its advantages

Advantages of prepaid residential electricity:

  1. The rate is variable, the variations are small and rare.

  2. Do not get a bill each month. Daily notifications of energy usage and balance.

  3. The electricity connection is in a matter of hours, sometimes less than an hour.

  4. There will never be a contract.

  5. There is no charge for canceling the service.

  6. No deposit is charged, what is charged is the amount of energy that the client wants to start with.

  7. Charged each time the balance is low.

Not all of us have good credit, and deposits are for those who do not have good credit and deposits are very high. On the other hand, if I wanted to see, every day, how much electricity is used at home. This will help me see what I do at home to spend so much electricity.

Residential electricity with a contract only sends a paper bill. This is where we can see how many kilowatts we spend, but we cannot know if one day I spent more than another day.

Table comparing Prepaid and Postpaid electricity
Advantages and Disadvantages - Prepaid Electricity Vs. Postpaid Energy

Comparing Residential Electricity Rates

The differential in residential electricity rates is little. Half a cent above or below, what's more, this summer prepaid residential electricity rates stayed the same as spring.

This summer the electricity rates with the contract companies went up by 65%.

I like to save, I do everything possible to lower my bills as much as I can. Prepaid residential electricity is the only way to do this.

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