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Green Mountain Energy Plan Revised

Green Mountain Energy company is offering its 100% green electricity services.

Therefore, their rates are very high.

We compare the rate that Green Mountain Energy provides with the rate and prices that solar panels offer to obtain electricity for our home.

If we opt for solar panels our energy bill can be compensated almost 100%. You can read more about this in this blog.

We must do a thorough review of the services that Green Mountain Energy provides.

Remember that reading the EFL is key to understanding the product, it's like doing an X-ray of an electricity service. You can read more about this in this blog.

Image of Green Mountain Energy EFL plan
Read the EFL to see what the energy plan is about

As sellers, we must listen to our customers with great attention to understand their needs and thus achieve their complete satisfaction.

Now, it is very rare even for clients to worry about taking care of the quality of the environment, they have never asked me about an ecological energy.

This is what customers are looking for to hire an electricity company for their home:

  1. Have electricity service on the same day.

  2. The cost of the kWh rate must be low.

  3. The rate must be fixed for the duration of the contract.

  4. Free energy, even if the rate is higher, the word FREE still affects the decisions of the customers.

  5. They do not want credit verification.

  6. They do not want to make a deposit.

  7. Know how long the contract should be made.

  8. Always look for some promotion.

  9. How green or ecological is the electricity they are buying.

As you can see, what matters least to the customer is whether the electricity comes from renewable sources or not.

We continue with the review of Green Mountain Energy.

Your product may be renewable but the cost is very high, Green Mountain's electricity rates are out of proportion.

Green Mountain Energy offers a free plan for weekends, yet it's still very expensive, 14 cents per kWh.

Banner with 14.4 cents
GME plans start at 14.4 cents per kWh

We do not need to pay more to obtain electricity in our home. With Green Mountain Energy we will be paying a "Luxury" that in the end gives us the same service.

The quality, efficiency and our prices make us a great option to receive electric power on the same day and in the most important place, electricity in our home. And so be able to live peacefully.

Contact us, we will give you useful and easy tips to reduce your energy consumption.

We recommend the prepaid electricity that becomes more popular every day. Less surcharge prices, few requirements and no stress.

Simple, fast and ecological.

Call us today: 1-877-578-2977

Enroll yourself through this link.

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