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Cheaper Electricity Texas Summer 2020

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Summer is coming and we all know that electricity bills will be high. As a matter of fact, experts are saying that this summer will set a record high. Well, that is no fun, summer is supposed to be fun.

I will give you some ideas about how to keep your summer cool and keep your electricity bill under control.

5 tips for cheap electricity this summer

1. Do not turn off the A/C. Some of us think that if we leave for work or we are not at the house for a few hours we should turn off the thermostat of the A/C. This is a mistake, just leave it in “AUTO” and at a higher temperature, let us say… 80°F. this way the house stays cool and the A/C unit will work but fewer times. Follow the next tip.

2. Do not “crank it”. Setting your A/C thermostat lower than 70ºF will only do one thing, increase your electric bill. If you set the A/C lower than 70ºF, the A/C unit will not stop running. In all honesty, 74ºF is sufficient to feel cool. Follow the next step.

3. Ceiling fans. This appliance has 2 purposes: a) circulate the air and at the same time make us feel cooler. Make sure the air circulates from top to bottom.

4. Doors closed. Keep the hot air out and the cool air in. If you want to recycle the air in the house, open the doors at night when the temperatures are lower.

5. Laundry at night. This is not an urban legend, also, it is not because the electricity is cheaper at night. This idea comes from the same concept above. The highest temperatures are during the day, doing laundry generates heat. We want to avoid heat at the time the temperature is at its highest.

Remember that having a lower electricity rate will save you hundreds, lower your energy usage to save thousands.

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