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Cheaper Electricity Checking the Weather

Cheaper Electricity Checking The Weather
This can save you 50% on your energy bill

I usually recommend leaving the thermostat in auto mode. I have articles explaining how to modify the thermostat in case you have a programable thermostat. All in all, leaving the thermostat untouched is the best thing to do.

Save Electricity with this Weather

So, now it’s the time we can turn off our thermostats and enjoy the weather. Please make sure that the thermostat will stay off for more than 3 days. Therefore, I say to check the weather. If you check the forecast and see that the temperatures will be comfortable, you can make the decision to stay without your A/C functioning.

Lower Energy Usage with the Ceiling Fans

Yes, there will be parts of the day when it may get a bit warmer than you wish, however, you can make use of your ceiling fans. The energy used by the ceiling fans is way less than the amount of energy used by the air conditioner. Receiving the air from the ceiling fans, makes us feel cooler. So, we are replacing a large amount of energy from the A/C with the lower energy used from the ceiling fans.

The Nights are Cooler and Save Energy

Even though the nights can get cold, we can still handle them, I suggest you use an extra blanket.

You can save up to 50% on your energy bill with cheaper electricity checking the weather. It’s a little effort but I think it is worth it. In order to have a better picture, I suggest using prepaid electricity.

Prepaid electricity will show you your day-to-day energy-saving efforts. The fact that prepaid electricity sends a daily text with energy usage, you can see if this idea of turning off your thermostat is working for you.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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