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Save Electricity Today

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Save electricity today
It's time to save

Save Electricity Today

This is the best time to save electricity. After the winter storm that hit us last month, right now and with this temperature is the best time to switch electricity companies and have a prepaid electricity company.

There are two main reasons why I recommend changing electricity companies as soon as possible.

Electricity bill statements come very high.

That's right, right now is when the light bills are coming from when the winter storm hit Texas. That week the heaters did not stop and this made our electricity consumption extraordinary.

Prepaid electricity tells you how much electricity you spend each day.

With temperatures the way they are right now, I recommend doing everything you can to save energy. One of the appliances that use the most energy is air conditioning and heating. These days, I turn it off and I hope I don't have to turn it on for many days.

You have to save energy as much as possible to be able to spend those high electricity bills that are the consumption of February.

Having prepaid electricity.

See how much electricity you use each day, if you use air conditioning and follow my advice to turn it off, you will see a big difference in your energy use each day. Prepaid electricity will tell you how many kWh you used the day before and tally up your savings.

Contract electricity only tells you how much you use in the month and you won't be able to see your efforts to save electricity at home.

Measure your efforts to save electricity with prepaid electricity.

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