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Save Electricity 5 Springtime Tips

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Save Electricity 5 Springtime Tips
It's Time to Save

Save Electricity 5 Springtime Tips

Texas weather is great. Yes, at times, we have some severe weather, however, we are fortunate to have 4 seasons. In some other states, they can only enjoy 2, very cold for many months and hot weather for a few months. Nevertheless, springtime is the season when we can help ourselves save energy and pay less for electricity. Save Electricity 5 Springtime Tips

Save Electricity 5 Springtime Tips to help you to manage some of your home appliances so you can use less energy and have a more efficient home. Ideally, having new and energy-efficient appliances is the way to lower your electricity cost. I understand that for some of us, we cannot just replace all our appliances. Even if you have new appliances these tips will help you to save even more energy at home.

Save Electricity 5 Springtime Tips

  1. Turn off your air conditioning and heating system.

    1. Take advantage of the weather. We have about 2 to 3 weeks that the weather is perfect. Cool nights and warm days, maybe for some is too cold or too hot but with a little effort, you could save up to 50% on your energy bill compared to last month’s winter bill.

  2. Do your laundry at night.

    1. Regardless of the weather or the season, this tip is to do it all year long. Our laundry appliances generate heat and that affects your A/C or furnace efficiency. Since the nights are colder you can help to maintain a good temperature by doing the laundry after 9 PM.

  3. Ceiling fans.

    1. In the last post, I recommended having the ceiling fans push the air upward, it is time to change the direction of the ceiling fans to push the air downward. This way you will feel cooler in the case that the day temperatures rise more than your comfort.

  4. The breeze is good.

    1. Let the house cool down naturally by opening the doors, if possible, opposite doors of the house so the air circulates and flows naturally.

  5. Air conditioner maintenance.

    1. It is time to give your A/C some maintenance. After a few months of no movement, it needs some attention. Change the filter, if possible, and have a professional give it a tune-up.

You could save from 50-65 % on your electricity bill this month with these ideas. Save Electricity 5 Springtime Tips

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